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Dear Ms. Peck,
You probably don't remember me but you are still my favorite redhead ... What turns me on is a good dose of good old-fashioned truth and you are, in my opinion, one of its best advocates. Keep up the good "word" and may Hashem keep on granting you clarity of sight to better discern the truth from bulls*t!! 
Best Regards,

My dear Arlene, although there are a few lines that I donít buy, I must say that youíve written a courageous and wise and true column. I loved it. Ernie Frankel
Wow!  Powerful stuff. I agree with you, Israel is getting screwed on this "deal."  I could get a better deal from a used car salesman! I'll take a bet that Israel will disappear from the face of the Earth within three years if this "roadmap" is adopted.  I hope that Arafat goes crazy and shoots the "Prime Minister" of "Palestine" before the agreement is formalized. 

A vote for your side. I think I've seen your program on local cable, here in L.A. (Channel 43?). The lady on that show was intelligent, knowledgeable, and honest.
Thank you for being involved. - Marina Eick

We found your articles witty and well informed. -- Israel Hasbara Committee


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